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The Bodies Exhibit

This weekend, we went to see the Bodies Exhibit in Atlantic Station. It was in Atlanta before, but I never got to see it. Since it came back, we just had to go see it. What a disappointment. The people who were supposed to be in charge of everything were completely disorganized. And, the exhibit area was so small and cramped. Add that in with the massive amount of people trying to see it, and it was a disaster. I couldn't read anything because someone was up my ass the entire time. If I pay $50 for me and Travis to see something, I want time to enjoy it and absorb it. I can't stand that shit. No one has any patience. They are completely rude and selfish. I got to see most of the displays, but I didn't get to read about hardly any of them, so I was less than impressed. The actual display of real human bodies is very interesting, but the lack of organization ruined it for me. And, by the way, you can NOT take pictures. I swear to God (and Travis swears, too) that the stupid bitch who was giving us the rules when we walked in said we could take pictures. So, I was taking a couple pictures, and some bitch comes over and taps me very sharply on the shoulder. She's lucky I thought it was Travis who was touching me because bitch better keep her fucking hands off me. You do not touch me if I don't know you. Ever. I should have the cunt arrested for assault. Anyway, she hisses at me that I can't take pictures. So, the one above is the only good one I got before bitch pissed me the hell off. Overall, it was just a terrible experience. I'd say if you really want to go, go at a really random time during the day in the week or something. Maybe it won't be so crowded and chaotic.

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  1. That's one thing I miss about Chicago. The productions I see now are usually not the size of the productions in Chicago, but the prices of the event saves me very little.


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