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Gators are National Champs, Like It or Not

As it goes every year, people are pissing and moaning about the BCS and how this team or that team deserved a chance at the national title and blah blah blah. I hate it for you. Florida holds the National Title--again.

Look, everyone's team has been on the losing side of the BCS stupidity. I fully admit it sucks. But, let's remind ourselves how difficult the SEC conference is. I mean, really, let's be honest with ourselves. Sure, Florida had a loss. Sure, it was to shitty Ole Miss. But, the SEC teams continuously hold several top rankings every year. It's no stranger to titles and championships--by any stretch of the imagination. That has to count for something, and it is amazing that SEC teams constantly see title games. Only the Big 12 has had more showings in the past 11 years (SEC had 5, Big 12 had 6).

There is always going to be a "what-if", "but", or asterisk next to every win, title, and championship. The Gators wouldn't be there if they didn't deserve it. Sure, the other teams might have deserved a shot at the title, too, but you don't get to go to the title game if you suck and have no heart. I think it's time the jealousy takes a back seat. We should be congratulating them for a game well played (a matter of opinion, no doubt)--not marring their win with conditions and maybes. I won't say the cliche "It's just a game." because, to most of us, especially down South, it is NOT just a game. It's tradition that runs deep in our veins. However, there is always next year and, then, the next. Your team's time will come if they work hard and play hard. Let's not be sore losers.


  1. Oklahoma didn't have the defense to win, and now I will have to listen to all the whiny Sooner fans around here.

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  3. Hey now you can break out those FL flip flops you used to wear to class at UGA......LOL

  4. I still wear those all the time.


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