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FYI: HOAs Can Take Away Your Rights

I found this post at A Dark Planet. It's about shitty Home Owner's Associations and their unchecked and absurd power. I don't know what the conclusion to the story is, but I just thought you might relate to the post if you live in a dreaded HOA. I will do my damnedest to never live in one, myself.


  1. I don't like homeowners associations, but at the same time local governments have forced these things. For a development to happen, the developers have to build the roads. The city may or may not provide maintainence of the roads, but they have no problem taxing the property on the roads. The cops can write tickets on the roads, so they really are a double-edge sword.

  2. I saw a story one time where a lady who lived in one of THOSE neighborhoods had installed those safety bars and door on her home after it had been broken into several times, and the HOA wanted to take her to court and sue her to make her take them down. Said it made the neighborhood look bad.. WELL HELLO she is just trying to protect her hard earned money and property from the thugs. They should provide security if they dont want her to have the bars.... thought I would share.

  3. Yes, I would definitely recommend avoiding living anywhere that has HOA's. As several of the comments on that blog noted, the people who get involved in running the HOA are power hungry little idiots. My first home was a townhome in a brand new development. After the first Christmas, they had meetings to discuss and establish rules about Christmas lights - what colors, what sizes, where you can put them, what date they can't go up until, what date they must be down by, etc. If you only knew how many hours people spent debating this stuff.

    Now, I've had plenty of occasions to privately complain about a neighbor or two (lawn issues, cars, whatever), but I put up with it because I also want to be left alone and not told what to do by a bunch of uptight, power hungry losers in an HOA.

    Plus, who needs to hand over power like that to some group of neighbors? They can fine you for any violation, the penalties accrue daily until you pay them off, and they become a lien on your property.

    So, just don't do it, please! Avoid the HOA!



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