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Barefoot and Pregnant in the Kitchen... SO obviously where I belong.


I swear to God if I hear that Palin should stay home with her kids one more time...

I mean, really, is this 1940? Last time I checked, we were about, oh, 68 years beyond that. That's 68 years of progress in equality and women's rights. Since WW2, when women stepped in to, then, non-traditional gender roles to serve our nation, we have been gaining ground. And, now, suddenly, we don't have any? Because the VP nominee is a mom? Heaven, forbid! I cannot even begin to believe that people honestly think that because she has a family, she will be too distracted to run the government. Seriously?

And, I suppose Bill Clinton wasn't too distracted to run the country while he was porking every Tammy, Dana, and Hannah. No, he was pretty good and focused on the country while he was putting his cigar everywhere but where it belonged. Am I right, or am I right? And, that's coming from someone who actually liked Clinton. Yeah, I said it, I liked the chauvinistic son-of-a-bitch.

My point is this: Bill Clinton's dicksploration had absolutely nothing to do with his ability to run the country. And, Sarah Palin's family has absolutely nothing to do with her ability to run the country. Men have families, too, and you can bet your ass that most men are going to put their families before their jobs--even if his job is President of the United States. I, honestly, do not believe they differ from women on that point. My dad took off work when I was sick. My dad took off work for my school functions. My dad took off work to take me to luncheons to accept awards. My DAD did all that--not my mom--and I turned out just fine. And, there are plenty of other dads out there that do that, too.

Bruce, over at Mass Backwards has a great thread of comments going on his post titled "Obligatory Post-VP Debate Post" dated 10-02-08. Apparently, he's one of those dads, and I praise him for that. Ignore the poster named "Decided!" who decided not to leave her contact info. She's just mad because Sarah Palin can have a family and a career, and apparently, "Decided!" cannot. Sarah Palin has it all. You shouldn't be jealous if you don't have the work ethic to go out and get everything for yourself. You should applaud Sarah Palin for her accomplishments in life--and at such a young age--and learn a lesson or two from her. She is a great role model for girls.

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