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Think Pink

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I've decided to share an article from what used to be my local paper. In this article, the writer goes for her first mammogram. It is a very well written article, and I liked it very much. Being in my 20's, I've never had a squashogram. I can, however, relate to the fear of having something wrong with your lady parts. (And, no, you assholes, I did not have an STD.) Ladies, if you are over 40, now is the time to start. I know you must be scared, and I know you don't want your boobies squished, but please go have a mammogram. It can save your life. Gentlemen, please talk to your wife, friend, sister, aunt, mother, or any lady in your life who is over 40. She needs to have an exam. As quoted in the article I mentioned above, the following is from a poster at St. Mary's Diagnostic, Rehab and Wellness Center (Athens,GA):
A Mammogram is About:

Making a healthy choice
Appreciating womanhood
Mission to save lives
Message of strength and empowerment
October is breast cancer awareness month
Global sisterhood
Rejoicing and taking control
Always standing proud
Mothers, daughters and grandmothers

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