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The Red Dot Doesn't Lie (But I Do!)

Because I'm such a liar, I figured I'd take an "unbiased" quiz to see what political party I best associate with. Now, of course, I lied on all my answers so I wouldn't look like the biggest Republican on the face of the planet, but here are my results, anyway.

If you can't read it, please click for larger picture. Go take the quiz for yourself, and, if you've got the balls, post your results in the comments.


  1. OOO thats so great! I took it and I am smack dab in the middle of the Libertarian section... I guess we all are surprised. LOL

  2. Your PERSONAL issues Score is 90%.
    Your ECONOMIC issues Score is 100%.

    My red dot is almost at the very top.

    Been a practical Libertarian for years. But in the Presidential election I'm "forced" to vote Republican.


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