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Booze Brain

So, apparently, if you're a smart cookie when you're 10, you'll be an alcoholic when you're 40. Great... I'm screwed. This article claims that for every additional 15 points of your IQ score taken at age 10, women have a 1.38 times increased likelihood of having higher levels of alcohol consumption and drinking-related problems when they are adults. Men have a 1.17 increased chance. Now, I don't know if that starts from zero or some other point--like, say, the level which is considered mental retardation. But, regardless, mine comes in at about 135. That's 9-15s from zero and about 4-15s from mental retardation levels. So, I'm about 4 to 18 times more likely to be a boozer. Big surprise there. I do enjoy my cocktails...

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