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Peterhead Prison

From MSNBC Weird News:
"David Norris never knew his father, who left home when Norris was 5 months old. Now 22, Norris is serving a minimum-12-year sentence for killing a man after an earlier rape conviction and is housed in Peterhead prison, which is the primary lockup for Scotland's sex criminals. Soon after arrival, according to a Scottish Daily Record report, Norris ran into David Gilles, 39, serving life for the kidnapping and sexual torture of a young woman, and realized that Gilles is his dad. [Scottish Daily Record, 8-26-08]"
The story is interesting in itself, I admit, but how about that Peterhead Prison? Which is the "primary lockup for Scotland's sex criminals". Peterhead. Sex criminals. Coincidence? I think not.

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