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The Difference between You and Me

I want to make something perfectly clear. I am in no way, shape, or form blinded by McCain or Palin's promises and half-truths. I am fully aware of their shortcomings as a Presidential ticket. The difference between many of you and me is that I am not head over heels for any candidate. I know McCain has some shitty ideas and he's a lying politician like every one before him.

For instance, I don't agree AT ALL with McCain's $5,000 tax rebate for health insurance, and not because I don't think it's a good idea to provide such a benefit, but because it's the wrong way to approach the situation. A tax rebate can be spent like cash. It will NOT go to health care in many cases--people are not that responsible, which is why many don't have health insurance now. Now, if that money went directly to companies who are providing health insurance for their employees or to insurance companies, it might work a little better, but I'm still not saying I'm for the idea. I'd have to see how it was all worked out--and the price tag.

I also don't think McCain is the best man for the job. It is going to be a lot of the same as we had with George Bush, whom I hate. Yes, I realize that. I am not a flaming retard as you Obama-lovers paint all McCain supports to be. I don't necessarily think our economy is going to strengthen and our war is going to end any time soon just because McCain might say he can make it happen. I don't think Obama would be much different, though.

That's the difference between most Obamabots and most McCain supports. I have yet to hear someone jump and scream and hoot and holler that McCain is the best thing since sliced bread, and the he, and he alone, can fix everything that is wrong with our economy and our country. I most often hear that McCain supports things we support, like the 2nd amendment, and Obama does not, so we are forced into a vote for the lesser of two evils. And, yes, I fully believe we are in that kind of situation.

Obama supports are a different kind of animal. They are often diehards. Some with a vengeance. They truly believe Obama is the answer to all our prayers and questions. They are acting brainwashed and delusional. Obama is not going to fix everything. I doubt any single person can make that fix. And, furthermore, his ideas and goals amount to billions more money in government spending. I can't believe we are in a place where the government and the nation can afford that.

While everyone is going to be a little biased to their party or candidate, there is a difference in supporting someone in spite of their flaws and blindly supporting someone whom you believe has no flaws, which is highly unlikely considering human nature. You have the right to support whomever you want, and I hope you do support someone, whomever that may be. That is the beauty with this (once?) great nation. I choose to support McCain even though he isn't perfect. I do, however, fully realize that he is, in fact, imperfect.

Can you find something wrong with the candidate you support? I sure hope so, because I can assure you there is something--and probably many somethings. And, if you can't see it, you are either misled, misinformed, or misunderstanding, and you are making a decision based on those misses. And, it will be a miss, indeed.

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