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Liar, Liar "Cancer Survivor"

This absolutely blows my mind. Apparently, a woman faked having cancer THREE times--in three different states. I know this article is very long, but you have to read it. It's unbelievable. Travis is from Dallas, and he went to Paulding County (he's old, though, so he wasn't in school by the time she was there). So close to home, and yet I've never even heard of her.

As insane as all that is, she didn't actually seem to profit at all from the false claims. She didn't use disability leave, take any money for charity, or anything like that. The charities actually benefited from her inability to stop telling lies. This is Breast Cancer Awareness month, as I mentioned a few days ago, and, while this is completely ridiculous and very saddening, I'm glad some good did come of this.

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