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Skid Marks: On the Road and In My Pants

So, have you ever ridden a motorcycle? First, let me tell you that it is the single best thing I've ever done in my life. Really. I mean, where else can you sit on a 300 pound vibrator and no one thinks anything about it? I kid, I kid. But, really, I loved my bike. I miss it every freakin' day. I want need another one before the withdrawals kill me.

But, motorcycles are also super dangerous. Not usually the bikers fault, true, but dangerous nonetheless. Stupid motorists aside, I know I've locked my back tire down a time or two. There was a skid mark on the pavement, and, I admit, I had to check to make sure there wasn't one in my britches.

Well, all those days may be a'changin'. A new study shows that anti-lock brakes are beneficial for bikes--just like cars. They reduce crashes by 38%! That's a lot!

Because the number of bikes on the road has literally doubled in the past ten years, and the fatalities aren't far behind, I think this is great news. The cost increase would be about $1000, but I'd definitely buy a bike with anti-lock brakes now--even if it cost a little more. Yay for new safety features!

*Note: Anti-lock brakes on bikes is not really new. They were introduced in 1988 by BMW. They are actually on about 40 of the 2008 models, but they are typically touring bikes made by BMW, Harley, and Honda--not the sport bikes.

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  1. "300 pound vibrator"

    Thanks. That image will be on my mind all weekend.


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