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So, my mom just told me about this website called Zappos. I may never go to a shoe store again. It isn't like they have my size anyway! This site is amazing. They offer free shipping BOTH WAYS. Yeah, I said BOTH WAYS. So, if you get a pair of shoes, and you don't like them or they don't fit, you can send them back FOR FREE. And, they even have small sizes--some as small as a four. Unbelievable. The reason this all came up is that I just spent an hour in DSW, and I only found one pair of shoes that fit me. One pair. In DSW. Have you ever been in a DSW? Those mothers are huge! I mean, they have like a thousand pairs of shoes. And, these don't even fit me that great. I really needed a five, and I had to get a five and a half. So, I need to know. Are these shoes too frumpy?

If they are, I'm taking them back and getting these:

Please tell me your thoughts. I suck at this stuff. I need some cute brown shoes to wear to work with khaki, brown, and navy pants. Leave me a comment, and let me know.


  1. I like the first ones best.


  2. I agree with Jennifer I like the first ones. OOO and glad I could help with a shopping tip too....

  3. Just FYI:
    I ordered the second pair to try them, because the top ones really didn't fit that well. I got the Zappos ones today (yeah, it took less than 24 hours!), and they fit a lot better. They are actually a lot more comfortable. And, the ones up top could NOT go out in the field at the drop of a hat. I know they aren't as dressy, but they look good with khakis.

    I love Zappos!

  4. I am very glad you found some to fit you since that has always been an issue for ya.... miss tiny feet... LOL


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