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How Does that Make You Feel?

"Jose Rivera, 22, survived two tours in Iraq, but back home in California, he took a job at the high-security Atwater federal prison, where officers cannot carry even non-lethal crowd-control weapons, and Rivera was murdered 10 months later by two inmates armed with handmade shivs. 'Every single inmate in there is armed to the teeth for his own protection,' complained one officer, but a Bureau of Prisons spokesman told CNN in August that 'communication' with inmates is a better policy than even modestly arming guards. [CNN, 8-26-08]"
"You are fighting with your fellow inmates. I need you to calm down, or I am going to have to use force. Oh, you murdered ten people in a McDonald's? Well, let me make sure I'm not armed, and let's just talk about our problems like civilized human beings."

Because murders are so obviously civilized.

Guards in a "high-security [...] federal prison" are not allowed to carry weapons of any kind? In a prison with the worst criminals in the system? You know, rapists, arsonists, murderers, etc. Yeah, they aren't that dangerous. We'll just sit them down and ask them, "Now, how does that make you feel" instead of clubbing them. Yeah, we won't get killed like that.

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