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So Much for that Idea

An actuary has determined that McCain will most likely not become very ill or die in his first term. The chances of that happening in the second term are better (about 25%), but let's be realistic. As soon as some other Democrat (besides Osama) runs in the next election, McCain is toast. Everyone* blames Bush and Republicans for bad economic times, and everyone* thinks Democrats make the economy better. I mean, when Clinton was in there, we were doing awesome, right? Uh huh. But, anyway, I was really kind of hoping old McCain would kill over, and we could get a lady in the White House. So much for wishful thinking, huh? Oh, well.

Note: As the article states, "no one really knows". "No matter how sophisticated, they [actuarial calculations] can't predict anyone's future." Thus, take this with a grain of salt.

*OK, so not EVERYONE, but most everyone.

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