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Can't Conceal? Open Carry.

"Meleanie Hain's Pennsylvania concealed-weapons permit was revoked in September after spectators complained about her openly carrying her loaded, holstered Glock at her 5-year-old daughter's soccer game. However, the only penalty under state law is the loss of the privilege of concealment, so that if Hain continues to carry the gun, she must do so openly. [Times Leader (Wilkes Barre)-AP, 9-26-08]"
That's awesome. People bitched about her carrying it openly, so now the only way she can carry it is openly. That's what you get for being a farking arsehole, kids. But, that makes absolutely no sense. You can carry a gun openly, with no permit, but if you get a permit, you can't carry it openly, or you'll lose your permit. Gun laws are bassackwards.


  1. Open carry is the best way now days ... makes those lovely criminals think twice about trying to jump on you in a parking lot or store... I am all for Open Carry.

  2. Hell yeah! Let's go back to the Wild Wild West!

  3. I was openly carrying my Sig the other day and a brutha ask me "What kinda cop are you?"
    I said "I ain't no cop"
    Brutha says "Oh! I feel ya!"


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