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Chubby Snowman

So, I was at WalMart looking for the fire starter sticks I always use for the fireplace. I look and look forever, and I can't find them. So, I go into the garden center area, and walk through the exterior doors. And, here is this GIANT snowman. And, his little stick arms are sticking out like he wants a hug. And, it's so damn cute. And, I just can't resist the urge to hug it! So, of course, I had to buy it so I wouldn't look like an idiot hugging a six-foot inflation snowman in WalMart--not that I don't look like an idiot in my own yard...

Note: The product name was actually "Chubby Snowman". Assholes gonna give him a complex. Poor kid.


  1. well aint he just cute !!! Did you name him??? I think Bubba would be great !

  2. I think he looks like Humpty Dumpty!

  3. How bout Sir Puffy Snow

  4. What is he, a rapper from the 80's?


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