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You've Got to be Kidding: Paid to Play

From The Detroit News (2005):
"Ken Pool is making good money. On weekdays, he shows up at 7 a.m. at Ford Motor Co.'s Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne, signs in, and then starts working -- on a crossword puzzle. Pool hates the monotony, but the pay is good: more than $31 an hour, plus benefits."
On. A. Crossword. Puzzle. For $31 an hour. I'm absolutely flabbergasted. I realize this article is from 2005, but can you say "We don't know how we got in this mess!"? I thought you could. This is exactly why we are getting screwed right now with this automotive industry bailout. They have these unions with uneducated workers making $30 an hour to do NOTHING because they have guaranteed jobs. Maybe I need to join a union. I might actually get paid what I'm worth then.

And, I know that raving lunatic did not just COMPLAIN about making $30 an hour to do nothing. "Oh, woe is me! I'm bored. I get paid a million dollars a year to do nothing. Poor, poor me!" I hate it for ya, kid, but you got in made in the shade with some lemonade. And then some. Must be freakin' nice.

Note: You should read the whole article this time. I didn't touch of any of the real issues here, and they are spelled out well.

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