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FYI: Going PG-13

We already know that I think the fact that "curse" words are "curse" words is pretty ignorant, but I'm going to attempt to make this a little more PG-13 and a little less NC-17 in terms of my language. I am in no way, shape, or form conforming to what someone else wants me to do. I am, however, buckling to pressure to keep my two regular readers. (Yeah, I know, I'm a sellout.) And, I want Mom and Dad to be able to bring their kids to my movie blog. Not my Mom and Dad, mind you, but somebody's Mom and Dad. My Mom and Dad are over it. The "cursing", that is. Dad loves the titles to my blogs. I think he's afraid to read some of them because of the titles alone. Bwahaha. Mom, well, she couldn't give two shits craps about my language. She just laughs the entire time, anyway. What's a few "curse" words when you're about to bust your gut open laughing, you know? But, I digress. I make NO promises. Because, like I said before, I think cursing is just like saying crap or darn or hooey. They are all just words that you MAKE bad. I don't think there is any difference.

Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. Author assumes no responsibility for the content of this blog. Ever.

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  1. You are well over 18 so your language is not really something I worry about at your age. And that no way says your old because that would make me old... LOL


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