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"Obama Sale"

So, Georgia Outdoor Sports was having an "Obama Sale" after he won. It pissed some people off, naturally, so they went to a "Support the 2nd Amendment Sale", which I think is the best kind of sale ever. And, I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want to buy any "Obama".

"An east Georgia gun shop has stopped using President-elect Barack Obama's name to sell weapons after some passers-by interpreted it as a call to violence against the country's first black leader.

"The Georgia Outdoor Sports shop in Hull used an outdoor sign to advertise an 'Obama Sale' on guns and ammo Wednesday morning just hours after his victory was announced.

"Shop owner Carrie Mentel said she was trying to capitalize on gun owners' concerns that their right to bear arms will be limited under a Democratic administration. On Thursday, she changed the message on the outdoor sign to 'Support the 2nd Amendment Sale.'"

Better buy them while you can, folks! "Guns! Fresh guns! Get then while they're still legal! Get your guns here! Guns!" Awesome.

Note: Georgia Outdoor Sports is a local gun dealer near my home town.

Update: Here is another article about the same story. Just for extra info.

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