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The Day of Reckoning

I'm just wondering how all of you justify voting for Obama at this point.

As if his socialistic wealth redistribution weren't bad enough.

He's pro-kill-babies-while-they-are-being-born (partial birth abortion), and God help you if you so much as act like you want to help the babies if they survive!

He doesn't want his daughters to be "punished" with the hideousness that is the life of a child inside them, so he encourages his own daughters to kill babies, too.

He wants to take away your 2nd Amendment right, and probably all the other Amendments' ensured rights, as well. He wants to replace the old Bill of Rights with a new, more modern, more socialist, and less free one.

He is pure evil, and you are slap blind if you can't see it. You are brain-washed. You are delusional. You are just flat out wrong if you think he's so great.

McCain is not the best choice for the next four years, but if you choose Obama, you will regret it. You will fucking regret it, you shit-for-brains idiots.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know that by saying all this I am automatically a racist, and as soon as Obama is elected, I will be sent to reconditioning camp.


  1. In reference to you be being Racist you are not... IN my opinion they are racist for voting for the man simply because he is Black. They have not one clue where the man stands and frankly they dont care, he gets their vote only because he is one of THEM, But is he really?? He is really only HALF of one of them and he was born to a white mother and raised with a white family. Years ago the Black community shunned people of the half white race, if you remember the whites didnt want em and neither did the blacks...

  2. and yes I will be sent to the same reconditioning camp ....


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