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Double Standard Much?

I'm still pretty pissed off at all the people who voted for Obama JUST because he is black. I mean, I didn't vote for McCain just because he is white. And, I didn't not vote for Obama just because he is black. Neither should you. You should vote for the person who you think will do the best job running the country, which is what I did. But, you've fucked yourselves again, you bunch of racists. Yeah, I said it. You're racist if you voted for Obama JUST because he is black. If you voted for Obama for any other reason whatsoever, you are not racist, or at least, you aren't because of that. I don't know what you do on your personal time.

But, the bullshit racism that's fucking our nation in the ass without lube is going to continue to fuck us for Obama's entire tenure. I read this article on Yahoo that is going on and on about how Clinton was pressured to diversify his Cabinet. He "famously promised to appoint a Cabinet that 'looks like America'". I don't know how famous his promise was, but he appointed several women and minorities to high-ranking positions and accomplished a more diverse administration than those before. Bush continued this trend.

But, Obama is not held to this standard, apparently. Quoting the same article:

"Does our first African-American president, elected with a rainbow coalition, have more of an imperative to appoint an administration that includes minorities in high-ranking positions?

"Not really, is the answer supplied by a group of prominent African-Americans. Having a team of varied faces is preferable and in keeping with Obama’s pledge to represent all Americans — but these veteran black politicians and public officials say the president-elect should tap into the best talent available without taking a head-counting approach, in which slots are determined by demographics and symbolism trumps substance."

What? He doesn't have to diversify his Cabinet? Why? Because he is diverse enough? (“'It’s less of a demand because of the history that he’s making in that office personally,' said Mike Espy, a moderate who was the first black congressman in Mississippi in over a century and served as agriculture secretary under Clinton.") I guess so considering he is half-white and half-black.

But, are you fucking kidding me? He should appoint people who are best suited to the office? NO FUCKING SHIT. I've been saying that from day one. The best person for office should be in office. I just find it awfully funny that they apply this to Obama, but when Clinton and Bush, who are white, were in office, they were pushed to create a diverse Cabinet--seemingly without regard for the qualifications of the person who would be filling the position. And, no one who was on Obama's side was screaming about putting the right person in office. They were screaming, "Let's make history!", and, "Our first black President!"

The article goes on to say that if Obama appoints a mostly white Cabinet, he "could turn off African-Americans". So, the article comes right out and says African-Americans care more about the color of the people in office than their capabilities. Huh. Big surprise there.

This shit is never going to end. What's next? Reparations? Watch Chappelle's Show and get back to me about those reparations.

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