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My Dog is Not Discriminatory. He Hates Everyone.

I am sick to death of people asking me if my dog is racist or somehow insinuating he is racist--especially when they imply I made him that way. Pepe "I-am-a-chihuahua-who-thinks-it's-a-rottweiler" Patron is not racist. He is not discriminatory. In. Any. Way. He fucking hates EVERYBODY. Get the hell over it. He growls, barks, and otherwise makes an ass of himself to everyone. EVERYONE. If he doesn't know you, he doesn't like you. Period. Does he need some Cesar Millan on his ass? Probably, but he's not aggressive. He doesn't bite. In fact, he runs the other way when you come toward him. Which, in my opinion, is probably pretty damn smart. And, he's my dog, and I don't give a shit if he hates people he doesn't know because he loves the shit out of me.

What spurred this hatefest of obscenities, you ask? I went down to the hospital today to see Dad, who is cancer free and won't have to do chemotherapy, by the way! Yay! I digress. I took Pepe with me because he loves to ride, and he hates to be left at home alone. I leave him home all day in the crate while I'm at work, so I figure he deserves a little ride.

So, at the hospital you have to pay to park in their garage. Pay. At the hospital. Yeah, I've never heard of that either. So, I get my ticket, and park, and go see Dad, and come back. All the while, Pepe is sitting quietly in the backseat wrapped up in a blanket with a coat on. He's warm and toasty, and he's happy. And, he knows there is a ride home to look forward to. Trust me. I know my dog.

So, I get ready to leave, and I drive down, down, down, and I finally drive up to the exit. I give the lady my ticket, and Pepe's head pops out the window. Well, the lady has a sock cap on and her hood pulled up (it's cold as shit today!). It scares Pepe. So, of course, he starts growling. And, that bitch had the audacity to say to me, "He ain't used to seeing black people, is he?" The fuck you say, bitch? I should have said that. But I'd hate to get my ass kicked by her, and then be blamed, and be put in prison for a hate crime.

So, I politely try to say, no. I say, "I think it's your hood. I think it scares him." To which she replies, "Oh, he thinks I'm a thug." Oh. My. Fucking. God. No, he does not think you are a thug, but I think you are a racist bitch. He thinks you are someone he doesn't know, and he thinks you look funny with all that piled over your head, and he is scared of you because you are only, oh, I don't know, TWENTY times his size?

But the worst part is this woman obviously can't see she is being ridiculously racist and hateful because she keeps going on about how cute he is. My God, lady. You just accused me of having a racist dog, and now you want to tell me how cute that is? What-the-hell-ever. She goes on to tell me that I better watch out because someone might call and report me for leaving my dog int he car. Yeah, someone like YOU.

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  1. I can tell ya this doggie in question doesnt like too many people. Some dogs are just like that especially little ones. my goodness we are like 10 times bigger who wouldnt be scared....


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