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Paranoid Delusional Nutjob with an AK...Great

Remind me not to go trick-or-treating at this guy's house. Apparently, he thought he was being robbed, so he mowed down a 7th-grader with an AK. Um, what?

"T.J. Darrisaw died Halloween night after police say a convicted felon unleashed a barrage of bullets from inside a home, pumping at least 29 shots through the closed door and front of the house. The boy's father and brother also were wounded."

TWENTY-NINE SHOTS? Seriously? Talk about paranoid. And delusional.
"Police said the suspect, Quentin Patrick, 22, opened fire with an AK-47 because he thought he was being robbed. The family went to the home because the porch light was on, usually a signal that trick-or-treaters are welcome."
What gets me, though, is that a CONVICTED FELON has an AK-47. And, the porch light was on. Um, hello, it's Halloween.

"T.J.'s parents said they want Patrick to suffer for a lifetime behind bars.

"'He should have to live every day in jail and see it and feel it every day for the rest of his life,' Daphne Grinnell said. 'The death penalty would be a shortcut.'"

I concur.

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  1. this again shows that the criminals have far better weapons then the law abiding citizens of our country and this is who will beat us when they take OUR gun rights and 2nd amendment away... we alas will fall to the devil himself


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