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Can't Handle the Stick

From AOL News:
"According to police, a would-be Kansas City car thief was left flummoxed earlier this week when faced with the manual transmission in the vehicle he was attempting to steal. Unable to figure out the complexities of a clutch, the alleged grand theft auto-er fled the scene. On foot."
Now, that's funny right there. I don't care who you are. Absolutely priceless. Oh, my sides are hurting! Needless to say, they caught the idiot. Oh. :::wipes tears::: Whoo. That's my gust busting laugh for the day.


  1. too bad the dude wasnt gay then he would have known how to drive a stick

  2. you don't get to used "flummoxed" too often. maybe there was a contest in the AOL newsroom that day to see who could be the first to use it in a sentence without sounding too forced.


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