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My boyfriend, and fellow engineer, sent me an article about women in male-dominated fields (like engineering). The following are points from the article:
  • Make sure women are valued (and promoted) in the company before accepting a position.
  • Identify the alpha and beta males, and speak to and interact with them accordingly.
  • Find a female mentor in the company (or a professional organization if there are none in the company).
  • Speak assertively, and keep away from any tentativeness in your vocabulary (e.g., "I think" or "I'm sorry" for things that aren't your fault).
  • Socialize with the boys because much important information is exchanged at the bar after work instead of in the breakroom.
  • Don't assume social stereotypes, like getting coffee for the meeting or cleaning up after coworkers.

I think they are good points, but, really, to be in a male-dominated field, you have to be what people consider male-ish. You have to be assertive, confident, unemotional, and driven.

Or you can, just be like me, and do every damn thing. I mean, it really hit me today. No one remembered my birthday. That's the whole reason I am taking off tomorrow. Duh. Ugh. Being the only female in an office of men is starting to get old. I'm always the one who gets the birthday card and has everyone sign it. I'm always the one that suggests lunch for someone's birthday. I'm always the one. Am I supposed to buy my own damn card? I'm just wondering.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind being the copy repair man, the faxer, the mailer, the copier, the Microsoft Office expert, the back-up tape changer, the shipper, the IT tech for our office, the receptionist, the administrative assistant, the message taker, the make-it-pretty guru, AND the Engineer. I don't mind AT ALL. But, can I get a little recognition? A raise? A bonus? A pat on the back? Just a friggin' thank you? I like my job. I love the construction review stuff I've been doing and all the interaction with the Owner and Contractors. I just want a thank you. It is Thanksgiving after all. Now would be the perfect time, or, at least, as good a time as any.

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