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Redneck Christmas Tree

Because I'm feeling very Christmasy, I decided to post a non-hate filled, non-obscenity laced post for your enjoyment. It is a redneck Christmas tree made out of Mountain Dews. How awesome is that? Mountain freakin' Dews. Enjoy.

OK, I know I sound like total redneck, but it's actually kind of pretty when it's all lit up. I think I'm going to put up my tree this weekend. Yes, I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. DON'T JUDGE ME!


  1. This is fantastic !!!! Gotta love it

  2. that's a damn lot of mountain dew. perhaps next year's tree could be made of rotten teeth.

    good call on having enough jackasses. they only make you feel good about your OWN position in life for a short time and then they really bug the piss out of you.

    oh, and the nifty comment moderation word verification thing below for this comment was "biting". seems appropriate.


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