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Reason #473 Why Guns Should be Allowed on Campus

Elizabeth Pittenger was shot during a mugging for her cell phone and laptop. She knew she was supposed to just give the guy whatever he wanted, but she just reacted, and she fought back. Stupid move, probably, but good for you, girl! At least she wasn't going to take it lying down. But, the guy who wrestled her phone away from her then pulled out a gun. And shot her. Amazingly, her oversized (and overstuffed) handbag saved her life. The contents were severely damaged, and she lost her bag and many of the contents to evidence, but she was completely unharmed. Safe. And the cops actually caught the guy because they heard the gunshot and got there fast. Unfortunately, they weren't there to keep her from getting shot, which is reason #473 why guns should be allowed on campus. If it weren't for her bag, she'd probably have died. For a cell phone. If she'd had a gun, she could have protected herself. Since the guy didn't pull the gun until after the struggle, she would have had time to pull hers. But she can't have one. Because it's campus.

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