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Why You Should be Nice to Your Customers

Found on AOL News:
"Just a tip for waitstaff worldwide: A little courtesy can go a long way.

"Jessica Osborne was so nice to one set of frequent patrons of the Indiana pizza restaurant where she works that they always requested her as their server.

"'They make your day better when they come in,' Osborne said of the family.

"During one meal, the waitress paused during a lull in her shift to sit with the family and chat. She mentioned that she'd had to drop out of college twice because she couldn't afford her tuition.

"A week later, the family returned for what seemed like a regular outing. But this time they topped their pizza dinner off with a check for $10,000."
Just slap amazing. I almost teared up a little.


  1. Thats so kool !!!!!

  2. I am amazed at the lack of customer service when you go eat these days. It's cool that someone still gets what their job is really all about and is rewarded for it.


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