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Past Due: Spoiled Brat Sneer

I haven't just flat out bitched about something that irritates the shit out of me lately, so I'm past due. I fucking hate people that go on and on about how they have no debt. Good for fucking you, but seriously, the rest of us didn't have Mommy and Daddy buy us a car when we turned 16 and another one when we graduated high school, pay for our college, pay for us to get drunk every night in college, buy us a new car and/or a house for graduating college, pay for our mortgage(rent)/utilities/groceries/cruises/spa and salon services/etc. even though we have a job. And, we have fucking debt because we worked our ass off to get where we are, and we're sick of you going on and on about how the economy isn't so bad, and you're doing so well, and you're just so perfect and happy and blah, blah, blah. Shut the fuck up. Go work for one single thing in your pathetic excuse for a life. Then, get back to me on that high horse of yours.


  1. WOW not sure who this is but are they adopting

  2. You remember that dumb blonde bimbo that I lived with freshman year? The one that never told her parents "thank you"? That always said, "Oh, I don't care how much it costs, my parents will pay for it anyway." The one I almost beat to death with a stiletto heel on more than one occasion (but I restrained myself...)? Yeah, she had some comment on Facebook that made me want to vomit my internal organs out with rage.

  3. OOOOO yeah that girl ..... She was something else.....

  4. "The one I almost beat to death with a stiletto heel on more than one occasion ..."

    Note to self: don't piss off Linz too badly.

    There are three people in the world:
    1) The rich and well-off, 2) The middle class, and 3) The poor that are completely subsidized by funds coming solely from the middle class.

    That, dear lady, is the change you can believe in.


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